Beyond the Brand: Unilever


Written byAngeliki Kotsidou

The numbers: Unilever’s current logo came into being in 2004, when it replaced the iconic block letter U. The current logo consists of 25 mini logos that are intricately woven together to form the letter U.

unilever logo


What is the history of the Unilever logo? Unilever is a well-known Anglo Dutch manufacturer of nutrition, hygiene and personal care products. The current logo incorporates references to various product lines manufactured by the company, as well as values the company is committed to.

Any interesting facts: two of the 25 mini logos woven into the main logo and found next to each other are the sun and the DNA. The double helix, the genetic code of life, is a symbol of bioscience and the key to a healthy life. It’s also the smallest ingredient of life. On the other hand we’ve got sun, the primary source of natural resource and the biggest ingredient of life. The sun is also a reference to Unilever’s origins in Port Sunlight near Liverpool.

Nerd level:  In 1930, Unilever’s logo was in sans-serif typeface and all-caps. Now-a-days, Unilever owns the licence to its official typeface named Unilever Din.

Did you know? Out of 400 brands owned by Unilever, 13 are billion dollar brands – that is to say, their annual turnover is over 1 billion USD each. We all know them, but to name a few: Lynx, Dove, Knorr, Magnum, Hellmann’s and Lipton.


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