Beyond the Entrepreneur: Jack Parsons

Name: Jack Parsons

CompanyThe Youth Group

Written byRachel Hiney


The numbers: 1.7 million within the Youth Group Community, 9.8k young people helped by the Youth Group, and 1.5k ambassadors for the Youth Group.

How did he do it? Jack is dyslexic and had speech therapy until he was eight years old. His mission is to knock down doors for young people, after having a tough upbringing and lack of career support from school. The Youth Group was founded in January 2018 and has been a youth-led service that enables young people to access work opportunities, mentors and advice. Parsons got his first break in the recruitment sector after offering his services for three months unpaid, certain he would win a full -contract. Eventually, after heading up the education desk, he was inspired to set up his own business known as Yourfeed. However, Parsons decided this wasn’t for him and liquidated the company at the end of the year. He then launched The Youth Group (formerly known as Big Youth Group) in 2018, teaming up with ex-Havas Media Group boss, Paul Frampton.

One bright idea that helped the business grow: Jack used his own disadvantaged background as his drive to help others from the same background. The Youth Group has created a community of nearly 200 million young people, successfully delivering workshops and events to inspire thousands of young people. Jack’s own struggle to find work made him realise the gap in the market to help young people into employment and further education.

Latest news: Due to the current pandemic, young people’s employment has been hit the hardest. The Youth Group have been working with Capita to find solutions that help young people overcome challenges getting into work and helping them access employment opportunities.

Best quote: “We need to instill confidence in young people by praising the process, not just the outcome.”


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