Beyond Law Group continues its dramatic growth by further strengthening its commercial practice

Beyond Law Group announces the appointment of new legal director and franchise specialist, Natalia Shvarts, to the commercial team of its specialist corporate and commercial practice, Beyond Corporate.

Beyond Law Group’s leading corporate and commercial practice, Beyond Corporate, has appointed Natalia Shvarts to its commercial team, enabling the team to establish a greater and more specialist focus on the franchising sector.

The appointment follows the most successful year to date for Beyond Law Group and its specialist practices. Beyond Corporate’s commercial team, headed up by ex Fieldfisher partner, James Corlett, who was appointed in 2021,  is the team establishing itself very quickly as a go to commercial team for some well-known national and international clients.

Natalia brings further extensive franchising experience to Beyond Corporate’s commercial team. Prior to joining Beyond Law Group, Natalia predominantly worked at senior level in the franchising sector as head of legal at a nationally renowned franchisor for seven years, and before that in private practice at a niche franchising firm.

Natalia’s primary role will be to grow and develop a franchise focus and continue to help further build the profile of Beyond Corporate’s commercial team.

Beyond Law Group is a modern firm whose approach is to create, build and manage specialist legal practices within a modern law firm environment and business structure. It has been able to create the sense of personal service, sociability, identity and teamwork associated with specialist practices, whilst its people and clients can still be confident that they are working with the strength of modern and established legal business. The Group’s portfolio consists of Beyond Corporate, McAlister Family Law and Beyond Conveyancing.


Natalia commented on her appointment: “I am thrilled to join the vibrant and dynamic environment that’s been created at Beyond Law Group and to have the opportunity to help build a national franchising offering within the Group’s commercial practice, Beyond Corporate. For me, it is predominantly about developing understanding of a client’s business objective, providing practical advice to get the right results for our clients as well as  recognising, nurturing and developing talent to become the firm that solicitors aspire to join, work with or recommend.”

Matt Fleetwood, the Group’s founder and CEO comments: “We are delighted to have Natalia join Beyond Law Group and with the work that Natalia and James are doing to create a sector focus in franchising.

Creating a dedicated franchise hub within our commercial team has been something we have been looking at for some time, given that there is limited expertise in the sector and we knew we needed a commercially driven team with tremendous expertise in franchising, a wealth of contacts and superb links with the British Franchising Association. We are looking forward to developing our links with our partners in the franchising sector and excited for the future of the team.

It is a very exciting time for Beyond Law Group, its practices and our people. We are delighted with the progress we have made already in the first quarter of 2022, particularly in recruiting the right talent to support our teams and we are looking forward with a huge amount of positivity as we approach our fifth anniversary.”