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    A specialist child and family law practice

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About McAlister Family Law 

McAlister Family Law is Beyond Law Group’s specialist Family and Children Law practice. As with all of our practices, it is an award-winning, niche practice and one of the top UK family law practices, with a national and international reputation for its work in Children and Family Law. The practice has an unrivalled breadth of expertise across the full range of family law issues, including divorce, finance and children matters.

McAlister Family Law boasts a large legal team of lawyers, consultants and arbitrators who have practised at major national and international law firms and have been brought together to create one of the UK’s leading family and children Law practices.

Our practice is home to one of the leading Children’s Law teams in the UK, representing children, parents and other family members on a full range of issues including child neglect, cases of complex medical matters as well as applications involving allegations of physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

McAlister Family Law

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