Child Law Experts

Looking for Lawyers for Children? You’ve Come to the Right Place

McAlister Family Law is home to one of the leading Children’s Law teams in the country.

Many firms say they specialise in this delicate and often emotional area of the law, but in truth have neither the in-house expertise or accreditations to advise appropriately.

We do.

McAlister Family Law has a dedicated Children’s Law department, offering you years of experience in advising and representing parents, children, grandparents, and step-parents.

We Will Work Together to Ensure Your Children are Happy and Safe

We are passionate about the welfare of children – this is demonstrated by the specialist work that we do and the support we give to various relevant community and charity initiatives. Our solicitors are both Resolution and Law Society Accredited Children Law specialists and advise not only in relation to disputes internationally as well as in the United Kingdom.

At the first meeting, our specialist team will work with you to identify your concerns and priorities and advise on a robust strategy to obtain the best possible outcomes for you and your children.

We will also introduce you to our children and family support service, which can help effectively with everything from identifying a third party to assist with your case, to suggesting a list of books to help you and your children cope with a separation or divorce.

Putting What Is Best for the Children First

The welfare of the child is of paramount importance when considering children-related disputes, so our experts make sure that children are at the centre of all we do. Our team can advise on:

  • Where a child is to live and with whom (child arrangement orders)
  • Whether children should spend time with grandparents and/or step-parents (child arrangement orders)
  • What time a child spends with each parent (partial child arrangement orders)
  • Legal rights concerning a child (parental responsibility)
  • Which school a child is to attend, name changes, or decisions regarding religion (specific issue orders)
  • Child maintenance arrangements – these are defined by a court order under the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 or Schedule 1 Children Act 1989

Having and Adopting Children

Our specialist team helps to create families and make your dreams a reality. Having the opportunity to start or extend a family is one of the greatest decisions you will ever make, so it is crucial that the right expert help is sought. Our specialist team are experts in all aspects of fertility law and can advise on:

Protecting children

Sometimes specialist intervention is required to ensure that children are protected. We specialise in all aspects of child protection law including:

  • Protecting children from ongoing or imminent risk of physical, mental, or emotional harm
  • Protective measures for a child (prohibited steps orders)
  • Moving children within the country or abroad (child relocation orders)
  • Unlawfully removing a child from a parent or country (child abduction cases)
  • Providing legal status to guardians (special guardianship orders)
  • Emergency protection orders (EPOs)