Expert Divorce Lawyers

Specialist Divorce Team

Making the decision to end a marriage is one of the most difficult decisions that you will ever make.

Equally, being on the receiving end of a divorce petition can be daunting, upsetting, and confusing.

Whether you are looking for an amicable divorce, a quick divorce, or a fixed-fee divorce, the team at McAlister Family Law is here to help.

It May Be Your Divorce, But We’ll Get Through It Together

Every divorce case is different.

At our first meeting, we will take the time to understand your priorities and put in place a plan to move you out of what can appear to be an impenetrable fog. Brighter times will quickly start to become a reality, as opposed to an impossibility.

The McAlister Family Law team has a first-class reputation for fighting for fairness and delivering results for our clients.

Looing For a Quick Divorce? We Can Help

We very often see references in the media to celebrities obtaining a “quickie divorce”, but the divorce procedure in the UK is the same whether you are a celebrity or not. Divorce takes between three and six months, depending on court timetables.

If you are anxious for your divorce to proceed quickly, then this should be highlighted at our first meeting so that we can take steps to ensure your case moves as fast as possible.

Contested Divorce Experts

Very few divorce petitions are defended or contested, however, contested divorces do happen and for a wide range of reasons.

If you have been served with a divorce petition and do not agree to the content, then our experts will advise you on the steps that you should take to ensure your arguments are brought to the court’s attention.

The ability to submit such arguments is time-limited, so if you have received a divorce petition you should contact a member of the team immediately.

Amicable Divorce Advice

Whilst the law in the UK does require blame to be placed on one party for the marriage breakdown, this does not mean that the divorce cannot proceed amicably.

The team will discuss ways in which we can work with you and your spouse, to ensure that the emotion and heat are taken out of the separation and that an agreement is found to ensure your divorce proceeds as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Fixed Fee Divorce Services

We offer fixed fees for all our divorce services. Whether you are the petitioner issuing the divorce or you are responding to a petition that has been presented to the court by your spouse, together we will agree to fixed fees for our services.

Our fees are highly competitive and have the advantage of allowing you to budget at what is a very distressing time.

International and Expat Divorce Specialists

We have an international law team that advises on cases with an international element.

We have represented clients from across the globe including France, America, Australia, and China.

Again, international divorce cases can be time-limited, so you must take immediate action and contact a divorce lawyer if contemplating a separation or divorce with an international element.