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Looking for Fixed Fee Divorce Solicitors? We’re Here to Help

At McAlister Family Law, we understand that the thought of a divorce is traumatic enough without the worry of how much it is all going to cost.

For this reason, we offer our clients fixed fee packages the aim of which is to provide clarity over your costs from the initial consultation without compromising on service, legal advice, and values.

Our Fixed Fee Package

Our fixed fee offer is for uncontested divorces and can be used if you are the applicant (person wishing to apply for the divorce either singly or jointly with your spouse) or the respondent (your spouse is applying for the divorce).

If your case is not suitable for the fixed fee package, then our expert divorce lawyers will offer an hourly rate package that is more tailored to meet your needs and ensure that those divorce papers are signed promptly.

Our Divorce Package As the Applicant

If you are the applicant, then our fixed fee divorce packages are available for £500 plus VAT and a court fee of £593.

This includes:

  • Initial options discussion
  • Drafting the divorce application
  • Issuing to court
  • Dealing with any response from the other party
  • Preparing and issuing the application for the conditional order
  • Preparing and issuing the application for the final order

The Respondent? This Is Our Package for You

If you are the respondent, then our fixed fee package is £300 plus VAT.

This includes:

  • Initial options discussion
  • Review of the divorce application from the other party
  • Completion of Acknowledgment of service
  • Dealing with the conditional order and any cost orders
  • Advising on the impact of the final order

No More Need to Find Fault for a UK Divorce

To obtain a divorce in the UK there is no longer the need to find fault.

Previously, if you wanted to issue divorce proceedings immediately, you had to prove that either your spouse had committed adultery or had behaved unreasonably towards you.

Finding blame is no longer required and you now will be able to issue divorce proceedings simply on the basis that the marriage has irretrievably broken down and separation has occurred in your marriage or civil partnership.

It must be remembered that the act of divorce itself does not end the financial claims that you and your spouse may have against each other and there may be other circumstances to unravel before all disputes are settled.

To separate your finances, you must reach a financial settlement via a final financial consent order which, to become binding, must be approved by a court. Our team of divorce lawyers can offer guidance on how the assets of your marriage should be divided, giving you peace of mind throughout the entire process.

How to Get Divorced in the UK

There are four stages to the divorce process:

Stage One – Complete a divorce application as either a sole applicant or as a couple, as joint applicants. The form required to be completed is a Form DB.

Stage Two – The application is submitted to a divorce centre either online or by post with the correct court fee. This is currently £593.00. Our expert divorce lawyers can advise on what court would be the most appropriate venue for your case.

Stage Three – Once the application has been acknowledged by your spouse and a 20-week (4.5 months) cooling-off period has expired, you can apply for a conditional order. It is also at this time that any financial agreement reached between you and your spouse can be submitted to the court for approval (consent order).

Stage Four – Once this has been pronounced by the court you are officially divorced and you can begin to implement any fiancial consent order approved by the court.

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