Beyond Conveyancing


Beyond Conveyancing is Beyond Law Group’s specialist conveyancing team, one with the sole focus on providing high quality residential conveyancing services. It’s our newest venture and is headed by experienced property lawyer, Sarah Edwards.

The Conveyancing team is based in Manchester and Cheshire and it is being grown to provide high quality and fully engaged conveyancing services for those buying and selling houses or re-mortgaging. There is a strong emphasis on communicating with clients and providing a great service. Beyond Conveyancing doesn’t want its clients to feel their conveyancing is just a process, which is why the practice engages fully with them throughout their transaction, keeping them involved and updated. The team offer an efficient, personal and professional service and major on having pride in what they do.

The team is building its technology to create efficiency for its clients but it is quality and specialist service which will remain at its core: clients are at the heart of everything it does.