McAlister Family Law


McAlister Family Law is Beyond Law Group’s specialist family law practice. This very special and also very specialist business was created in 2017 by the Group and is headed by its managing partner Amanda.

Within its first two years and from a standing start in 2017 it has become an award -winning business and is considered to be the pre-eminent and most dynamic Family and Children Law team in the North West. McAlister Family Law is based at the Group’s offices in Manchester and also Cheshire after opening an office in Alderley Edge in 2018.

We have also established the largest and most experience children law team outside of London, who deal with both private children’s law and public children law.

BETTER for our people BETTER for clients

It’s an approach which demonstrates the core values of the group to look beyond just business, and why we have tried to do something in business terms which goes beyond 1st world problems. Investing in the children’s team was about stopping the just talk about it approach and acting to support some of the most vulnerable people in modern society. It’s an approach which all of our businesses have and underpins our desire to do business, and do law, with human perspective and underpins all of our community work and support for youth.