Beyond the Entrepreneur: Greg Davis and Josh Morris

Name: Greg Davis and Josh Morris, founders of Kandid

Written by: Alexander Redford

How did they get started? Greg and Josh were both working typical office jobs in London when they decided to get away from the 9-5, and saw a gap in the market for non-gender specific sexual wellness toys, with many traditional stores and online sites using hyper-sexualised and gender specific messages which do not work in a gender-fluid world.

Starting in 2019, they left their full-time jobs to work on their new venture and Kandid was born. They have sought to create Kandid as a truly inclusive space, where people of all genders and sexual orientations feel comfortable and empowered in their own sexual wellness. They’ve geared their branding and products towards creating a shame-free shopping environment, one that encourages people to normalise sexual pleasure as part of their self-care routines.

How has the business grown? Going from selling one product to now stocking 28, as an e-commerce business they have seen sales increase significantly increase with the global pandemic and multiple lockdowns, as people have spent more time online and had more time to concentrate on their wellness. In only eight months of being in operation,the company agreed an exclusive deal with Superdrug to stock eight of their most popular products.

Hopes for the future: the goal is to continue to increase the business’ sales and also get more people talking about their sexual wellness through collaborations and ideas such as Kandid Conversations, a space for people to talk and learn more with a doctor of sexual wellness.