Beyond the Entrepreneur: Jim Morgan

Name: Jim Morgan

CompanyRudy’s Pizzeria

The numbers: six restaurants opened in five years

How did he do it? Jim Morgan was passionate about pizza (yes, really) and in 2015 the pizza scene in Manchester was very much thick dough and lots of American-style toppings. Jim wanted to change this and introduce a more authentic Neapolitan pizza which followed the strict rules of Naples’ pizzerias, right down to sourcing the ovens from the very city itself. After a year and a half he and partner Kate Wilson secured investment from Mission Mars which gave them the ability to open in four new locations.

One bright idea that helped the business grow: Jim was crazy about pizzas and prior to opening Rudy’s, he taught himself the art of dough and pizza making via watching tutorials on YouTube. In Naples it can take years to perfect the art of the perfect pizza, but Jim learnt it while still maintaining a full time job.

Latest news: following the success of the take-away pizza Rudy’s has announced its sixth location in Sale – research found that Sale was the area in most demand for the delicious Rudy’s, with a further announcement to open five more sites in Greater Manchester in the next two years.

Best quote: “I actually wake up thinking of pizza.”

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