Beyond the Entrepreneur: Simon Wood

Name: Simon Wood

BusinessWood Restaurant Group

Awards: Winner of MasterChef 2015

Written by: Angeliki Kotsidou

How did he do it? Simon captivated us all in front of our TV screens back in 2015 with his unique culinary skills and pioneering dishes, which saw him become the nation’s favourite chef and the champion of the MasterChef series. He went on to open his first restaurant in Manchester, followed by more restaurants throughout the UK, as well as publishing a recipe book for high-end dining at home for those of us enjoying cooking.

What inspired him: Simon was inspired by his grandmother, who taught him how to cook and instilled in him his love for food and his passion for cooking.

Cool fact: When visiting Wood Manchester, you might well be lucky enough to see Simon cooking your supper: the restaurant’s kitchen is located in the main part of the restaurant.

Don’t forget: Make sure you sample Simon’s famous Tomahawk Steak when visiting Wood Manchester – which just happens to be located close to Beyond Corporate’s office!

How he is different: Beyond the excellency in culinary skills expected from a professional chef and a MasterChef champion, Simon is an active user of social media, very outspoken, resistant to unfair criticism and an avid defender of his team. Follow his Twitter account, @SimonJWoodUK, if you want to know more….

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