Means free Legal Aid being extended

Government announces extension to the rules for family legal aid. The scope of means free Legal Aid is being extended for Parents and those with Parental Responsibility. This applies to opposing applications for Placement and Adoption Orders in public family law proceedings. Here, Clint Nicholls looks at what this means for you.

Well, it will be a relief for many Parents as it will make it easier to obtain Legal Aid as the case will only be assessed on a merits basis, whereas previously applications were subject to the means test. Challenging an adoption or Placement Order is a daunting task especially for vulnerable Parents who may have little support if they cannot obtain legal help. If Parents can demonstrate that they have made changes and these changes are sufficient, then their case will be assessed on merits only and they will not have the added worry of their financial circumstances barring them from accessing legal help. This is a positive step from the Legal Aid Agency and should be welcomed and hopefully further steps can be made to allow more people to access legal services without having to worry about their financial means.

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