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About Chelsea

Chelsea is a Trainee Solicitor acting on behalf of Local Authorities focusing on childcare matters.

She graduated from Lancaster University in July 2019 with a First-Class Law Degree. During her time at university, she volunteered at the Lancaster University Family Law Clinic; her work included taking referrals from Citizens Advice relating to issues of family law such as parental rights and child arrangements orders. In addition, Chelsea volunteered as an independent monitoring board member at Lancaster Prison, a role which involved monitoring the prison’s adherence to its legal obligations to the welfare of its inmates.

Before obtaining her Training Contract with the Group, Chelsea worked as a childcare paralegal for nearly three years, having gained a vast experience in dealing with care-proceedings concerning domestic abuse, sexual abuse, substance misuse and non-accidental injuries. Her experience consists of running care-proceedings cases, pre-proceedings and discharge of care orders.

Chelsea is passionate about the work that she does as she realises the impact it has on supporting the safeguarding of children.

Chelsea's Favourite Quote

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
-Eleanor Roosevelt

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